The Company

The Arthur Carmazzi Group of Companies is headquartered out of Ubud Bali Indonesia at the Avalon Resort. Arthur Carmazzi is based at the Bali Headquarters. There are 12 Employees working directly under Arthur Carmazzi that support the various brands and expansion efforts of the organization including Arthur’s Wife Budi who is the CFO.

The Arthur Carmazzi Group employs 3 Web Designers, 2 video producers, 1 web programmer, 1 Personal Assistant to Arthur Carmazzi, 1 Licensee relations manager, 1 business development manager, and 2 administrative staff.

Strategy: The Arthur Carmazzi brand as developed a strong online presence for Personal and Organizational Leadership and Organizational Culture Change. This brand is augmented by the nature of the Directive Communication methodology used to enhance quality of life and relationships as well as personal and organizational success. This brand can be leveraged to various areas of success. Taking the DC concept that everyone is different and supporting that difference to nurture success by understanding and using their own strengths. The Arthur Carmazzi Brand applies 4 areas to leverage the brand:

  • Success through diversity
  • Success though innovation
  • Success through awareness
  • Success through helping others

Products: Arthur Carmazzi products are centered around the belief that we, as human beings want to grow, be more successful in our jobs, our relationships and our achievements.